Why is Boko Haram Unreported?

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Boko Haram

ISIS is constantly in the news. This group of thugs and villains who pretend to be waging a ‘holy war,’ receive media attention incessantly. Although there is nothing positive about this cruel terrorist group, Boko Haram surpasses their vile atrocities.

Why is Boko Haram underreported by the media? Two simple and unforgivable answers; they exist in the black areas of Africa, and the right wing has no political advantage recognizing Boko Haram as an evil pseudo-Muslim group.

Last evening Boko Haram attacked the Nigerian village of Dalori. It set fire to the buildings, detonated bombs, and shot men, women, and children as they attempted to flee. At least 85 people were murdered in the cowardly attack.

There is great debate in the region whether or not the Nigerian army is gaining in the war against Boko Haram. This latest attack is worrisome because it appeared to be highly organized. It…

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