Poem “nameless girls”


Poem “nameless girls”

The women I slept with were mostly married to lawyers and real-estate brokers,
the women had time to see me and crescendo and cradle we did

as their husbands

sought self-cultivation, metaphysical pastimes, yolking to overcome their ego,

a great dragon-hustle incensed,
Self-cultivated wrap
With their harp lessons
and tabla gurus, who cut them a rate.

But no woman likes a poet, an autodidact poet
except maybe as a pet, or an augur of Her fate,
after the skin flowers on a bed
And never did I wish a lover well with des bones sentiments, after a parting. Ooh
My wishes for them as black and brown as their coronet hair! (Ornament here!)

I accused every Dawn dressed in red russet
all my poems for girls who kept themselves cool-mouthed as I got upset
All these poems in the shape of a woman in the first instants of pregnancy

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