Build Soil – a lyrical explanation

B.R. Mt.

I used to be very strongly against explaining what I write. I figured it was better to leave it up to interpretation and not limit it to my own. But, then I realized, I enjoy it when my favorite songwriters a little back story to their lyrical concepts. For example, if I had never heard Andy Hull describe his thought process behind Manchester Orchestra’s song 100 Dollars, I would never have grown to like it as much. I also enjoy the discussion even if it is with myself, so why avoid it?

The Attic (From Which is Desire)

This is based off of a William Carlos Williams poem with the same name. In the poem, the narrator has a comparatively religious experience while sitting in his attic and looking out of the window at a neon “SODA” sign. I was thinking a lot about wealth at the time. It’s a…

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